Buckeye Terminals – Tanker Fill Station Concrete Replacement

  • Client: Buckeye Terminals
    Bedford Park, IL.
  • Project Type: Tanker Fill Station Concrete Replacement

Tanker Fill Station Concrete Replacement

In 2016 MSC completed the removal and replacement of the concrete parking pad for the two adjacent tanker fill station terminals. This project was completed in two phases to allow for the facilities production to continue while the project was underway.  MSC was able to work with engineers and management throughout the duration of the project to accommodate to their schedule. With open communication from both parties the project was successfully completed on time with minimal disruption.



The Scope of Work included:

  • Excavation and hauling of existing.
  • Sub base preparation and stabilization.
  • Installation of drainage and curbing.
  • Installation of reinforced concrete.
  • Installation of safety bollards.
  • Backfill and final grading of site.



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